Hey checkout my new blog on Github Pages using Jekyll.

Github Pages with Jekyll and Markdown

Static site generation with Jekyll for Github pages

Static site generation with Jekyll for Github pages

Github Pages with Jekyll and Markdown

I had originally planned on adding this post when I first launched my website on Github Pages, but for some strange reason the post sat in a half-written state and unpublished. It could have also been because I had never managed to get Jekyll running on Windows at that time! I have now though, so see below on how to get this up and running. :)

Github Pages

If you have never heard about Github pages before and are looking for somewhere to host your own personal blog, then I would suggest checking it out now. pages.github.com host static html websites using your own repository to manage the files. You get one site per GitHub account and unlimited project sites. Simply create a new repository named [username].github.io and you are away!

NuGet pack fails with exited with code 1

We had a very annoying issue in the office recently regarding building a NuGet package with a Post-build event command line. One of our developers had created a Utilities project which would be installed via our local NuGet store, and had added the Post-build event to create the NuGet package.

The Post-build command was pretty simple and worked. It is the command which is referenced on the nuget.org Creating and Publishing a Package website

$(SolutionDir).nuget\nuget.exe pack $(ProjectDir)$(ProjectFileName) -Prop Configuration=$(ConfigurationName)

Everything was working great on the original developer’s machine, also on another guys machine, but not on mine or the 4th developer’s. Both I and the other developer are on Windows 7, the other two guys are on Windows 8. The Windows 7 machines were getting the error:

The command "C:\Projects\SolutionFolder\.nuget\nuget.exe pack C:\Projects\SolucationFolder\ProjectFolder\project.csproj -Prop Configuration=Debug" exited with code 1.

DNX SDK version 'dnx-clr-win-x86.1.0.0-beta5' failed to install.

I have been playing around with Visual Studio 2015 preview for a while now (nothing hard core), so naturally I want to install the final version when it was released. Straight away I came across a couple little issues which made the install/startup not so simple.

Asp.Net vNext

Working with MVC Areas in Asp.Net vNext (MVC 6)

Working with MVC Areas in Asp.Net vNext (MVC 6)

Working with MVC Areas in Asp.Net vNext (MVC 6)

I have recently started to play around Visual Studio 2015 Preview and Asp.Net vNext. As usual, I jump into new stuff like this with the mindset of building projects the same way that I would have with other versions. So in this case, I was trying to build a MVC 6 website the same way that I would build a MVC ¾/5 website.

Straight away I wanted to add an Area to the project. In Visual Studio 2013, I would have right clicked on the MVC project, selected “Add” and then “Area”, typed in the name for the Area and then Visual Studio would scaffold this for me.

Stopping and Starting your Application Pool with Octopus Deploy

Depending on your Web Server set up, you might not be able to overwrite the Bin folder without some manually intervention. Usually it is because there is a process using files within the Bin folder and you will have to stop the application pool first.

Octopus will soon inform you if this is the case when deploying your package to the server, and will give you the error message:

One or more files in the directory may be locked by another process. You could use a PreDeploy.ps1 script to stop any processes that may be locking the file. Error details follow.

Octopus Deploy

Entity Connection String within Octopus Deploy

I have been using Octopus Deploy more and more recently and it is quickly becoming my deployment tool of choice. If you haven’t heard about it, then I would highly recommend that you go and check it out now! Octopus Deply

One of the projects I have been working on uses the EntityFramework for data access, so there is a System.Data.EntityClient connection string within the web.config. The EntityClient connection string differs from the standard SqlClient string in that it contains metadata along with the connection string. It also contains " within this string.

Multiple Site Bindings Enabled

I was updating a client’s site recently which had various Web apps located in the same website folder all sharing the same web.config file. After the update, everything looked as though it was working as expected, however there was something wrong.

This collection already contains an address with scheme http.

Luckily my logging code was emailing me the error which was being thrown silently from some Ajax posts.

Photoshop CC 2014

Exporting all Photoshop layers as Jpeg

Sometimes I like to just blog some handy hints that you might find useful, but really they are just so i have a central reference for handy hints!

Handy Hint Photoshop CC Layer exporting

In Photoshop, it is possible to export all layers as individual files rather than manually going through each and saving for web. This saves a heck of a lot of time!

Knockoutjs default if empty

I have been working on a big project recently involving knockoutjs and have learnt so much about this data binding MVVM library. It is a well supported JavaScript framework with a large community of users, so there is always a solution to a problem. However I came across a little problem, not with knockoutjs, but with how IE handles empty <span> tags.

Knockoutjs conditional attribute binding

You can create a custom binding attrIf which will check the value of a specific observable boolean before add or not the attributes. See this example:

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