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Knockoutjs default if empty

I have been working on a big project recently involving knockoutjs and have learnt so much about this data binding MVVM library. It is a well supported JavaScript framework with a large community of users, so there is always a solution to a problem. However I came across a little problem, not with knockoutjs, but with how IE handles empty <span> tags.

Knockoutjs conditional attribute binding

You can create a custom binding attrIf which will check the value of a specific observable boolean before add or not the attributes. See this example:

Getting to know Markdown


Single line without any additional markup





CSS image captions

I have only recently discovered this, but it is something I thought was worth noting down on my blog for my future reference if anything!

Easy CSS image captions using :after and the attr attribute.

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I have recently updated my website and using a new URL structure for blogging. As a result, and to make sure I don’t produce loads of 404’s, I have made sure to keep all existing pages active. Below is a list of the archived pages.

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