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Webpack final loader didn't return a buffer or string

Is the world of web development in a state of being permanently broken? Have you ever been able to follow one tutorial these days without then having to find why you are getting a errors?

I have been looking at the best/fastest module builder/bundler for our ReactJS project which is written in TypeScript. Currently we are using Gulp, however we feel the bundler is not really where we want it to be. So I am looking at using either Webpack or Brunch.io.

I found this tutorial online as a starter for 10 (https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/react-&-webpack.html)[https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/react-&-webpack.html]. Fairly simple tutorial and written well.

Follow all the instructions to the letter, copy the configs into my configs, and then run webpack to get this error;

Module build failed: Error: Final loader didn't return a Buffer or String


O FFS! Come on man! Does nothing work these days?! I know it is not the tutorial is wrong, so there must be a dependency within a dependency within a depenency that is faulty. The bundle.js is being created, however it only includes bundle code and not your files bundled in. So after a quick search online, I believe the issue lies with the awesome-typescript-loader and specific versions of this, and there is a quick fix.

Update your tsconfig.json file to include the following code;

"awesomeTypescriptLoaderOptions": {
    "useWebpackText": true,
    "useTranspileModule": true,
    "doTypeCheck": true,
    "forkChecker": true

Thankfully now you can run webpack and see the bundle being created.

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