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Force IE9 into Quirks Mode

Just a quick one, but something I only noticed recently.

Adding any HTML comment block above your <!doctype html> tag will throw IE9 into Quirks Mode!

<!-- -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
        Quirks Mode


Now I know this isn't good HTML markup anyway, but at times I add comment blocks while debugging my code, e.g

Response.Write("<!-- " & someVariable & " -->")

99% of the time I have never seen a problem with this, but one project completely threw me as the web page with this comment block looked completely broken in IE9. I sent hours inspecting the DOM in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, updating the HTML/CSS, everything I could think of to find out why the page was broken. Eventually I let a fresh set of eyes look at the problem, and straight away he said "Maybe the comment blocks at the top are affecting it?"

Sure enough!

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