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Having Fun With INCREDIBOX

INCREDIBOX is probably one of the most fun Flash "games" around on the web just now. It is Flash based website, a collaboration between French multimedia studio So Far So Good and one-man band The Incredible Polo, that lets you MIX a set of vocals, vocal percussion, and sound effects.


Pick 7 samples out of 5 Effects, 5 Beats, 5 Melodies, 3 Chorus, and 2 Voices, then sit back and enjoy them all come together no matter what you pick.

Not only is this great on the ears, but the visuals of this are just brilliant. I love the way that a "blank" member of the "band's" eyes move as you drag one of the icons over the player. Then each character has his own personality!

Here is my current selection:




Chorus Voices

Record, Save and Share

Another cool feature of Incredibox is that you can record your composition. Simply click to top left Icon, start recording, and then play around with the samples. The end results can be shared with your friends.

Here is my first attempt. Titled "Attempt One"!

Click here to enjoy! 

Why not record some of your own and share your links in my comments!

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